03 October 2007

Cupboard Lurker

"Lurkers come in all shapes and sizes and mostly dey jis hang 'round an don't bother nobody. Dis ting 'ere we call the cupboard Lurker. Ma Paw-paw's got one in his kitchen, just lay in dat cabinet starin'. We dunno what he eat now dat he done ate everyting in dat pantry, but paw says his land useta be crawlin' wit nutria rats and now dey got none. He don't come outta his cupboard dat we ever seen, but dere's sumpthin about da way he jis look atcha. I tol' paw ta be careful round 'im, he aint no pet."

1 comment:

Sven Bonnichsen said...

Ooh... I particularly like the artwork on this one. Good clean cross-hatching inside the cupboard, contrasted by curving contour lines on the Lurker's face.

Strong composition, too... Bold verticals, a few slightly-off-kilter horizontals, and then the circle of the head almost dead center.

Nice contrasts between lights and darks -- choosing to "hide" the important information in the neutrals... But also accenting it with color. That contradiction between how you're using value vs. color might actually be part of what makes the illustration so effective for me.

That, and the utterly blase expression on the Lurker's face.

...Not that I'm usually prone to crit (as you well known) -- but for whatever reason, this one really set off that part of my brain.