06 October 2007

Flying Farkles

"Four flying farting farklers fillin' da bog wit dere filthy fumage, heh. Dese guys 'bout da size a ma head, wit glowin poiple eyes. Lucky fo us dey stink poiple too, so we can see 'em comin' a mile away. Put a skunk ta shame. Dey hang out near da surface o'da water when dey not huntin', and dey eat wit dem coily straws hangin outta dey mouths. A swarm o' dese tings drained a schoolyard fulla kids a few months back but we didn see hide nor hair o'it on da news. Creature cover-up. Dey don want nobody knowin whats goin on down here. Now ah think on it, ah aint seen nobody new 'round dese parts in weeks, and supplies is runnin' kinda low at da corner sto'......"

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