16 October 2007

Ocean Folk

"Paw-paw used to talk about da ocean folk, said dey a ole people, dat dey been crawlin' up outta da bayou fo hunerds'a years, afta swimmin thru da Gulf from da ocean. He said dey'd come to da bayou ta shed dey heads an grow new bodies, dat da humidity here is what dey need fo dat. Ah aint ever seen one growin' but ah can pitcher it, wet and slimy and smelly like an eel an a frog in congress. We thought dey died out fo 'while but after da storm dey popped up again, more'n ever. Ah've heard o' folks callin dem 'Forgs'. Ah like dat name."

1 comment:

Sven Bonnichsen said...

OMG! Polycephalic Forg-men!!1!1!

I guess the Prof was right about this one... I mean, if Legrasse is writing about these creatures too -- that constitutes independent verification, right?

Maybe I've been wrong to doubt him all this time.

Whoa. My head's spinning...