05 October 2007

An Open Letter from Prof. Ichbonnsen

"Dear Mr. Jeffrey C. Roche,
Having just perused your "Monster Month South" web log -- forwarded to me by my associate Mr. Bonnichsen -- I must say that I am quite impressed.
In the current climate of skepticism toward any claiming to have seen unusual animals, it is an act of intellectual bravery in the extreme to give your support to Mr. Raymond J. Lagrasse's claims.
Beyond merely lending a credible ear, you have amplified his voice. I thank you! So often my most remarkable discoveries have been due to information gleaned from sources just such as this -- sources deemed "unlearned" or "rustic" by the narrow-minded men controlling American academia.
With your permission, may I laud you publicly and lend what little standing I have to your noble cause?

Sincerely yours,
Professor Ichbonnsen"
of Monster Month

Well thanks a bunch fo' ya words, tho ah aint sure what bein lauded is, and ah definitly don tink ah want it done in public! Ya tell as many folks as ya can 'bout dis here site tho, could save lives! Ah aint a learned man, aint no scientist, ah caint claim to know the whos or hows or whys, but at least I can try'n spread da word through mah pitchers. Heck, most o'da time ah'm too scared to even git close to 'em, da bigger critters anyways. If you ever in dis neck o'da woods, yankee, gimme a holler an ah'll show you 'round.......carefully....

R.J. Legrasse"

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